Jay-Z reveals he wrote the hook for Still Dre, a reminder to fans of Dr. Dre's classic album The Chronic.

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    Awww, so that just happened, look so Jay-Z doesn't typically give up the game,
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    behind many of the songs he's written for other artists, but on the latest episode at LeBron James HBO series The Shop, which aired Friday, May 28th, the Brooklyn mogul gave Braun and Maverick Center a little insight to one of his more memorable behind-the-pen moments
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    During a conversation where Carter recalls, whole writing the Bugs Bunny rap for the original Space Jam soundtrack, he dives into Still Dre, Dr Dre's lead single from his
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    classic 1999 album 2001
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    It was all about reminding people how my last album was the chronic
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    The single from 2001 would push the album into rarefied heights for the long-time Compton Super Producer and mogul The album would become Dre's biggest seller going six
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    times platinum according to the Recording Industry Association of America and set the stage for Aftermath Records even further with follow-up releases by Eminem and later 50 Cent
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    But yeah, what do you guys think? Did you know that Jay-Z wrote that song? Or are you just finding out about it now? And what is your favorite song written by Jay-Z? That may be a lot of people don't know about Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below Once again,
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