- Leadpal Pro is our powerful upgrade to Leadpal. It removes branding and gives you access to 10 custom domains and 80 social apps. We're waiving the monthly fee and offering a one-time discount. We also have a 100% money-back guarantee if it doesn't work as promised

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    Thanks for making the smart decision to get Leadpal .
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    As you already know, Leadpal makes it easier than ever for you to get more hot targeted leads without any complicated coding or hard work required
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    Although the version of Leadpal that you just purchased is more than enough to get you results and get leads flowing your way fast, if you want to get the most out of Leadpal, we've got a powerful upgrade that will quickly boost your results and get you even more leads with no additional effort required on your part
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    Introducing Leadpal Pro! When you upgrade to Leadpal Pro, you get access to three powerful feature additions that will give you more control over your lead flow and boost your results automatically
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    First you'll be able to remove our branding
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    This makes Leadpal look more professional when you go to use it
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    And the best part? Your visitors have no way of knowing that your lead page has any connection to Leadpal, so you stay in total control
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    The only links on the lead page is that you create, well, they're yours, so there are no ways to click going anywhere else
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    The second feature upgrade when you go to Pro is the ability to add up to 10 custom domains
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    Using a custom domain name builds trust and authority which helps to increase opt-in rates
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    And with this feature and the removal of our footer links and branding, your lead pages have no connection with Leadpal giving you complete control
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    Last but not least, you'll be able to connect up to 80 social apps
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    This addition is huge and stands to really give you an increase in your overall results
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    And this gives you the authority to use your own social apps instead of out-branded apps
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    With this you can customize your apps with your own branding
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    This upgrade allows you to connect to 10 different social apps per account with a total of 80 social apps per license
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    Of course, having more social app connections allows you to cast a wider net for more leads
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    And this means more opt-ins which will ultimately, of course, put more money in your pocket
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    But as you can see, this upgrade is loaded with features that will instantly increase your results
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    But the best part about this upgrade is the special pricing that you'll get as a valued customer
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    It's obvious that upgrading to Leadpal Pro is an investment that will get you more leads with less work and ultimately put more money in your pocket
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    Because you'll see an immediate increase in everything without any work needed, it would be easy to charge $97 per month for this upgrade
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    Although this is worth every penny of $97 per month, as our valued customer, we're waiving the monthly fee and giving you a big discount when you click the button below to get this now
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    But just to be clear, this is a special one-time offer
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    You close this page and try to come back later to get this upgrade
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    You run the risk of paying a whole lot more for access
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    And that's why we're going to make this even easier by removing all the risk
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    We stand behind all our software tools and only release top-quality software that's bug-free and simply works
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    That's why we're going to protect you with our 100% money-back guarantee that Leadpal Pro will work just like we say
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    If you have any technical issues with the software that our support team isn't able to properly fix for you, we'll send you a refund
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    If you want to boost the results you're able to get with Leadpal, you want to get more traffic, more leads, and more sales
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    Get the most out of the software you've just purchased, then you owe it to yourself to get this powerful upgrade
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    Click the button below right now to lock in your discount and get instant access to the Leadpal Pro upgraded features right inside your dashboard